Lakshmi’s NTR: Varma Files Case On Censor Board

Trusting him was my only mistake
Trusting him was my only mistake

Calling that Censor Board is curtailing his Freedom of Expression, maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has today confirmed that he is going to file a case on them. As the CBFC refused to at least watch the film until the first phase of elections gets completed, the filmmaker got irritated.

In a statement, Varma revealed that CBFC has no right to say that they will not even start the process of certifying Lakshmi’s NTR until the elections get over. He stated that the Censor Board has to watch the film and then decide on the certificate, but is not entitled legally to deny watching the movie itself. Varma says that this is nothing but a blatant pre-Censorship. Varma also gave the reference of popular Padmaavat case where some applicants want to hurdle the release of the film by asking Censor Board to not certify it and director-producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali challenged it in Supreme Court. Back then, Bhansali has won the case.

We have to see where will Lakshmi’s NTR case goes now.