Vinaya Vidheya Rama Review

Vinaya Vidheya Rama Review
Vinaya Vidheya Rama Review

For the first time in his career Ram Charan teamed up with Boyapati Srinu. Titled as Vinaya Vidheya Rama, the film is billed as an action drama laced with plenty of family emotions. The trailers and teasers are loaded with mass elements and Ram Charan’s intense avatar has been a talking point among everyone. Let’s see what the movie has in store.

Rama Konidela ( Ram Charan ) and his four brothers share an in depth bond. Bhuvan Kumar (Prashant), elder brother, is associate upright IAS officer works in commission. He’s tasked with managing an extremely contested Visakhapatnam bi-election.

In Vizag, Rama faces off with Pandem Parasuram, an area don, who threatens his brother’s life. during a high voltage action episode, Flashback opens and story shifts to province wherever antagonist Raja Bhai ( Vivek Oberoi ) world is introduced

Rest of the story is concerning however Rama Confronts with mighty Raja Bhai in flashback & in present…


Ram Charan, who has rediscovered himself as an actor in Rangasthalam doesn’t get an opportunity to showcase his repertoire of skills. However, Ram Charan brings life to the mediocre music of Devi Sri Prasad in songs. He dances graciously. Kiara Advani is bright star of the moving-picture show. She goes to travel an extended method in Tollywood. Prashant and Sneha get meaty roles. Vivek Oberai and Mukesh Rushi as antagonists do their bit. Senior actor Chalapathi Rao, Hema performance Okay!


All telugu directors have their comfort zone and infrequently wield out of it. Sreenu Vaitla has used his ‘comedy template’ to the purpose it’s wildly rejected by audience. Similarly, Boyapati has been exploitation his ‘action template’ – while not a lot of story backing. Vinaya Vidheya Rama follows an identical structure.

First half of the film is good, it runs while not a lot of hassle to fans and actions elements. There square measure few high moments like 2 sensible songs, and 2 nice valiance elevations episodes to satisfy the fans. There’s one Hema comedy episode that worked although. Once the high voltage interval fight is finished, hassle begins. The complete half has senseless violence with series of over the highest scenes.

Ram Charan enters villains’ locations out of nothing, with countless ammunition – not once however on several occassions. He gets horses, eye dazzling blasts equipped for him in alien lands that provide audience fatigue. In one among the scenes, he travels on the roof of a highspeed train unfortunately notorious Balakrihsna’s train episode.

There is no justification to the title. within the whole moving-picture show, the lead star was something however‘Vinaya Vidheya’. Ram Charan was coming back off a brilliant prosperous moving-picture show and Boyapati has mightily wasted this chance with a shallow story line.

Interval Block
Saying sorry to Mukhesh Rushi scene
Charan dances

Senseless violence/fights. Too several action episodes with none premise
DSP music
Non existent story line

‘ Vinaya Vidheya Rama ‘ may be a nothing however a composition of action episodes with a really flimsy story line. Given the merry season , the moving-picture show would possibly shovel in the money in Telugu states to some extent. Overall , it’s a large disappointment coming back once super prosperous ‘Rangasthalam’ !