One Call is enough to arrest ysrcp cheif jagan : KA pual


In one of his fiercest attacks on YSR Congress President Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy, Praja Shanti Party founder and global evangelist K.A Paul questioned whether there is anyone in the country “who can save Jagan from serving his jail term.” Making a controversial claim, K.A Paul said that Jagan had got arrested on May 21, 2012.

“You know what I did? Let me reveal it to you today, I got him arrested on May 27, 2012 by telephoning Sonia Gandhi’s close aide Ahmed Patel during the UPA government,” he claimed, adding that he is close to Ahmed Patel.

Speaking to reporters and sharing his experience of a reporter who snubbed at Paul and told him to “establish his own channel if he wants to get publicity,” Paul said that he is not desperate to hog the limelight like Jagan.

“I don’t want a news channel because I’m not corrupt nor do I have to establish Sakshi newspaper or channel like Jagan did with his corrupt money. In the recent India Today conclave also, a journalist asked Jagan about the massive number of cases filed against him for corruption and money laundering. This shows that no one can save Jagan from going to jail,” he said.

Not stopping there, Paul added that Jagan has got into a secret understanding with the BJP at the Centre because of the serious cases filed against him.

“And, not only that, he is also being ‘friendly’ to Rahul Gandhi and sending signals that he will work with Congress if they offer Special Status to Andhra Pradesh,” he stated.

Stating that Praja Shanti Party is not being recognised, he said that “they are scared because we will get 50% of the votes if we contest.

They know that I have god’s blessings and that people support me and my party,” he said, questioning the media “do you want me to be (autocratic) like KCR? There was one channel (TV9), which criticised him and now, the owners of that channel are changed.”