NTR Kathanayakudu Review

NTR Kathanayakudu Review
NTR Kathanayakudu Review

Tollywood’s most awaited biopic NTR-Kathanayakudu is released worldwide on this morning. Biopic on legendary actor NTR is one of the eagerly awaited films this year. NTR’s son and actor Balakrishna is acting in the lead role as NTR and many prominent stars is playing crucial roles in this biopic which is made in two parts. The first part, titled as NTR Kathanayakudu, will show the inspiring journey of NTR as actor.

Director Krish is the man who directed this most prestigious project and Balakrishna did the producer’s hat for the first time. Let’s find out if the first part of NTR biopic is worth the hype and hysteria or not.


The key element for any biopic is picking up the ‘right span of the life’ to narrate. ‘NTR-Kathanayakudu ‘takes off showcasing legendary actor NTR’s first job as sub-registrar at Vijayawada, swiftly moves on to his quest for cinema roles in Madras. The film ends at announcing historical TeluguDesam party in 1982. NTR aka NT Rama Rao mesmerized and wowed people from far and wide in a film career spanning nearly five decades. He also served three terms over a period of seven years.  The rise of NTR’s cinema career, circumstances forced him to think about service to society, further incidents which led to announce a political party etc. cover the scope of the film.


Balakrishna as NTR has performed well especially as older NTR i.e. 60s age NTR. In few emotional scenes he did good. Entire second half, NBK very much resembles NTR in body language.  However, due to age factor, as young NTR of 20s, balakrishna doesn’t appeal good.  Vidya Balan as NTR’s wife is pretty decent, did justice to her role. Rana, Sumanth and Kalyanram as CBN, ANR, and Harikrishna are good choices as well.  There are many other heroines, character artists’ casting. Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Kaikala, Nitya Menen, Rakul Preet Singh, Hansika, Krish, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore and many others acted in short roles.


M M Keeravani, who elevates the emotion of the scene with his background score, at his elements yet again.  Apart from good songs, his background score is appreciable. Next best is Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues are the ones which standout. Cinematography by Gnansekhar V.S. is good. Production design is decent as well. Editing is patchy, many times popular NTR songs come and go without proper lead. Overall length of the film is 10 – 15 minutes longer which is director/editor combined call.   As producers NBK, Sai Korrapati and Vishnu Induri spent adequately.


Every bit of NTR’s life has been publically domain for many years, acquainted to most of the individuals in Telugu states. Additionally, his ‘cine career’ doesn’t have the melodramatic parts as in ‘Mahanati Savitri’ life. The full spice parts in NTR’s life were once his political entry (which is out of scope of part-1 biopic). Given these factors, it’s a difficult task to jot down a fascinating script for NTR’s cine life. Director Krish, author Sai Madhav still able to come back up with enough tribute film – if not a good tribute.
NTR – Kathanayakudu theme showcases NTR’s rise as a hero, shows incidents influenced his thoughts towards society and eventually beginning a party. This thirty + years of his life (1949 to 1982) has been coated bit basing his sensible qualities – deed debatable ones aside. Director has been eluded extraordinary scenes, mediumelevations and showcased true episodes mostly!
NTR’s portrayal in Lord Srikrishna role, in venkateswara Swamy role, his commitment towards the career, His eldest son’s death context emotional scene etc. came out well. However, Balakrishna as young NTR couldn’tmanage to coverup the age distinction, however is absolutely able to replicate NTR’s visual communication as older NTR (60s)
NTR – ANR scenes throughout the film ar terribly nice, it’s been delineate each of them have terribly friendly relation in cinema life.
Krish has smartly inserted few scenes to answer criticism on NTR. At some purpose, they even mention the stiff competition coming back from Young heroes Krishna, Shobhanbabu likes against aging NTR. Also, criticism like ‘60 years previous NTR recreation with sixteen years aged sridevi etc young heroines ‘, has conjointly been addressed in lighter vien.
Charity work done by NTR and ANR in Rayalaseema drought, Diviseema cyclone years conjointly has been coated. In last half, director plays to the galleries to bound extent! It’s pleasant to observe once Chandrababu Naidu, Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy were friends
All in all, this film could be a sensible reminder expertise through the lifetime of Legend for his fans and sympathisers. Also, this film could attractiveness for those that don’t grasp a lot of regarding NTR’s cine life. However, current generation youth could complain the film is flat and/or slow, that’s thanks to director Krish failed to try and inject medium elevations.
Overall, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Krish and whole team should be appreciated for this plucky try and for not being distortive of facts. 1st of the film is slow however tight, last half of the film are going to be fully liked by fans and customary audience.


  • Energetic second half, with a very interesting climax
  • Balakrishna’s amazing performance as NTR
  • Krish’s sensible direction without adding any dramatic scenes.
  • A great team work by technicians Keeravani, Sai Madhav etc..
  • Huge Star Casting.


  • A bit slow in first half but it is covered in second half.
  • Balakrishna age did not suit for younger NTR Role


NTR-Kathanayakudu may be a sensible tribute to legend’s cine life. it’s a rarest occasion and unforgettable journey for NTR fans of all ages, an honest watch for others similarly. Go and Watch this sincere attempt!