CBN did ‘land fooling’ to Amaravathi Farmers

CBN did 'land fooling' to Amaravathi Farmers
CBN did 'land fooling' to Amaravathi Farmers

Amarvathi ranchers who gave over their fruitful terrains trusting TDP boss and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu for development of AP’s new capital city Amaravathi, are presently feeling tricked. The TDP government has procured 33,567 sections of land from 22,525 agriculturists of 29 towns four years prior for development of Amaravthi, for the sake of ‘arrive pooling’. In any case, the agriculturists presently understood that it’s not ‘arrive pooling’ but rather ‘arrive tricking’. Consequently, the administration has assigned 56,971 plots to ranchers to remunerate them for giving ceaselessly their fruitful terrains. In any case, the administration neglected to take up any improvement movement in these plots. The plots were left hanging because of which they have now turned out to be squander lands filling the need of nobody.

As this was insufficient, the legislature has taken up land improvement on it’s properties encompassing these ranchers’ plots by making great designs and building flat and business edifices. With this, purchasers are deciding on designs and condos taken up by government, while there are no takers for plots dispensed to ranchers, with no improvement. Ranchers, who used to procure great pay on these fruitful grounds prior by raising a few products, are currently enduring enormous misfortunes as there is no agrarian pay or salary through land. A few agriculturists feel tricked as they were dispensed plots confronting south, which is viewed as ominous according to vastu. These plots likewise discover no takers. Ranchers are presently reviling TDP for their evil destiny and vowing to show a fitting exercise to Naidu in the up and coming Assembly surveys.