118 Review- intriguing, different thriller.

118 Review- intriguing, different thriller.
118 Review- intriguing, different thriller.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram collaborated with cinematographer turned executive KV Guhan for a spine chiller titled as 118. Shalini Pandey and Nivedha Thomas are the female leads and Mahesh Koneru bankrolled this film.

118 has caught the eye of the crowd after the captivating and sensational trailers were discharged. Kalyan Ram, who is in journey of the subtle hit, is extremely certain that 118 will be a rebound film for him. How about we see whether 118 ends up being Kalyan Ram’s best film as of late or not.


TV columnist Goutham (Kalyan Ram ) is spooky by a fantasy in which a young woman very nearly passing shows up in his fantasy. Goutham endeavors to include the hints, reproduces the scene to determine what has all the earmarks of being a homicide puzzle. His life partner Megha (Shalini Pandey ), companion ( Prabhas srinu) causes him in the undertaking, they discover the young lady in the fantasy is Aadhya ( Nivetha Thomas). A flashback uncovers the people in question and guilty parties, how Goutham finishes the conventions of taking the offenders to the equity


Spine chillers are the most recent prevailing fashion in Tollywood as this class offers producers to try different things with constrained spending plan. 118 motion picture trailers gave enough clue about the class, the gathering of people hung tight to check whether this film is really something else than common spine chillers. Capriciousness and connecting with portrayal are the required components for this class movie, in which debutante chief K.V. Guhan has succeeded. His cinematography mastery helped in making this film look smooth. A youthful TV columnist who endeavors to pursue his fantasies, takes part in settling a homicide puzzle is the center subject. Quick running vehicles, moving those and so forth shots are caught well. First 50% of the film particularly is indecent, offers some rush minutes. There is just a single melody in whole film, it is cool. Foundation score is overly cool.

On flipside, now and again, for the sake of pieces of information, the chief attempted to embed such a large number of components or characters. Also, the key piece of the film flashback is a routine passionate one. Towards the peak, the clear envisioning idea seem senseless subsequent to being utilized various occasions. Whole Javed Ali string could have been skipped.

The Production esteems by East coast preparations driven by Mahesh S. Koneru are great, throwing is appropriate. Kalyan Ram , Shalini Pandey and Nivetha Thomas performed well in lead jobs.

Positives: Suggestive first half, Intriguing, smooth subject, Lead characters and their execution

Negatives: Routine flashback, Excess of imagining idea


118 is an interesting, extraordinary and almost captivating spine chiller with clear envisioning idea as the scenery. First half is quite great, second half has its very own reservations. Gathering of people who have a craving for an alternate film out it an attempt.